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In an emergency situation our infrastructure can fail, and if it does, your drinking water can quickly become dangerously contaminated. If this happens, having a supply of safe drinking water WILL become your top priority.

  • THE SURVIVAL STILL CAN PURIFY POND WATER, LAKE WATER AND EVEN OCEAN WATER - FOREVER! It's the most effective emergency purifier on the planet!
  • The Survival Still will ALWAYS produce high-purity water, even if you used it every day for thirty or forty years.
  • Effective on Toxic Metals, Forever. The Survival Still is extremely effective at removing toxic metals such as arsenic, lead, and fluoride for the life of the machine.
  • The single most effective way to kill and remove biological contaminants, like bacteria, parasites and viruses from water.
  • MEETS RED CROSS AND FEMA RECOMMENDATIONS for treating dangerously contaminated water in an emergency!
  • Never Fails Because It Doesn't Use Filters. Filters fail over time, and need to be replaced. The Survival Still uses distillation and requires no filters. This ensures the cleanest water with the most consistent results.
  • Won't Break Because It Has No Moving Parts. A very simple and effective design. Sturdy and durable. Very easy to use.
  • Made of 18 Gauge Heavy Duty Stainless Steel. It's built like a tank!
  • Lifetime Warranty. The Survival Still has a Lifetime Warranty and will last for decades of constant use.
  • Lifetime Performance Guarantee. We guarantee that the Survival Still will produce high purity distilled water for the life of the machine with NO deterioration in performance over time!
  • Converts Ocean Water into High Purity Water. The Survival Still is a permanent desalination system!
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA. Support an American business and know that the survival still is made from the highest quality.
  • Does NOT need filters, maintenance or electricity.
  • Designed by the world's leading distillation experts.
  • Excellent Value! The Survival Still offers the best, life-saving protection at a reasonable price.

The Survival Still is so effective because it uses...

Nature's Purification Process!

The process of evaporation, condensation and precipitation is water's built-in purification process! This is the purification process that God gave us, and it's the reason why we are alive today!

THE SURVIVAL STILL USES the process of distillation, which duplicates nature's process for purifying water.

Nature purifies water through the three-step process of 1) evaporation, 2) condensation and 3) precipitation. Here's how...

When water evaporates it let's go of the contaminants that it's holding onto. The contaminants stay behind while the vapor is pure. The pure vapor then rises and condenses into clouds. The clouds move inland and release the water as rain. Rain is very pure water and is the source of all fresh water on the planet, from lakes, rivers, streams and even aquifers.

In the same way, distillation produces high-purity water without the need for filters.

The Red Cross
Recommends Distillation!

There are many different technologies for cleaning water, but not all technologies should be used during an emergency situation.

FEMA and the American Red Cross have published a document that instructs people how to treat water during an emergency. They recommend distillation as the preferred method.

But they do NOT recommend filters of any kind.

"Emergencies happen. You should be prepared!"

WHEN AN EMERGENCY STRIKES, your tap water could quickly become dangerously contaminated. If you are not properly prepared, you and your family could find yourself in a very dangerous or even deadly situation.

If you find yourself in such a situation, having a supply of safe drinking water WILL suddenly become your top priority.


It's hard to imagine how a disaster could quickly move our society to a place where water becomes the most valuable resource.

But think about this question:

What is one of the main differences between the USA and Third World countries?

Answer: Infrastructure

WE HAVE FANTASTIC INFRASTRUCTURE! We live in the most advanced society ever. Our standard of living and everything that makes our lives easier is due to our fantastic infrastructure.

This infrastructure...
A) keeps us safe,
B) it allows us to be incredibly productive, and
C) it's invisible.

The fact is, we never think about our infrastructure. Yet, infrastructure runs every aspect of our lives: food production and distribution, water treatment and delivery, disposal of sewage, communications, commerce, recreation activities, travel, medical, everything depends upon our infrastructure.

Safe drinking water is so plentiful in the US that we simply turn on the faucet and drink the tap water without a second thought. We can go to any gas station and by a bottle of water, or we can go to Starbucks and get coffee made with tap water. We never think about our water.

The fact is, we all, to a person, take safe drinking water for granted, which means that most people know very little about water.

AT THE CORE OF OUR INFRASTRUCTURE is our electric grid. Our electric grid is a very complicated network of power plants, transformers, switches, computers, and more than 450,000 miles of high-voltage power lines.

It's wonderful technology BUT...unfortunately it's shockingly vulnerable to terrorism, cyber terrorism, and an electromagnetic pulse. And here's the thing, if our electric grid goes down, everything goes down: Communication, power, lights, hospitals, water treatment and our food distribution system. Think about it. We wouldn't be able to pump gas, and our grocery stores would not be replenished. Water may not flow to your taps and if it does, it may be dangerously contaminated.


A 2008 National Academy of Sciences study warned, that "because of the interconnectedness of critical infrastructures in modern society' the 'collateral effects of a longer-term outage would likely include the disruption of transportation, communication, banking and finance systems, and government services; the breakdown of the distribution of potable water owing to pump failure; and the loss of perishable foods and medications because of the lack of refrigeration."

Even today in most countries from the world people are not nearly as dependent upon technology as we are. Today if our infrastructure fails a large scale we're in big trouble because we simply don't know how to live without technology. A huge electromagnetic pulse would have devastating effects today, and here's the thing—this will happen. The only question is when it will happen.

An important book that everyone should read is Lights Out by the investigative journalist, Ted Koppel. For over two years Ted Koppel researched our electric grid and its vulnerability to terrorism and cyber-attacks. He interviewed people at the highest levels of Homeland Security, FEMA, the military, and state governments. After all of his research about our electric grid's vulnerability, he determined that...


Here’s what he says in his book:

As I said, our electric infrastructure is our greatest strength and our greatest weakness, and this is not a secret. Our enemies know it. One of the main points of Ted’s book is how vulnerable our electric grid is to terrorism and cyber terrorism. Ted Koppel says...

“It isn’t just a scenario. A well-designed attack on just one of the nation’s three electric power grids could cripple much infrastructure, and in the age of cyber warfare, a laptop has become the only necessary weapon. Several nations hostile to the United States could launch such an assault at any time.”


...it’s important to be prepared for hurricanes and earthquakes, but the biggest risk to our safety is a massive, long-term power outage. Whether it’s caused by a terrorist attack or a solar flare, a massive power outage could affect a very large area and affect millions of people for long periods of time. This type of scenario is much more dangerous and it would be much more difficult for the government to respond to such a large-scale crisis. Everyone, regardless of where they live must be prepared for an emergency.


The first step to being prepared for an emergency is to ensure a supply of safe drinking water for your family. Safe drinking water is absolutely crucial. It doesn’t matter if you're prepared with food, a generator or guns. Without safe drinking water you and your family could quickly become too ill to do anything else.

Safe drinking water is the foundation.


Designed by leading experts in the distillation industry, the Survival Still® is a highly versatile, non-electric, emergency water distiller.

The Survival Still is so effective it can turn pond water, lake water, and even ocean water into pure, sterile drinking water in minutes! But it can only save your life if you own one before an emergency strikes.

When the disaster strikes, will you have this little box tucked away in your closet? Or will that few hundred dollars have been spent long ago on things you can't even remember?

Never Worry About Having Safe Water Again
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The Survival Still is the single most important preparedness item you can own!

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